Parts for Legshields Seat Crash Bars Rear Carrier Saddle Bags
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1012453340Legshield, R/H 
1112456140Legshield, L/H 
1212457440Gasket, legshields 
1398106017Screw, legshields to crash bars 
1498106043Screw, legshields and syrens to crash bars 
1598024312Screw, legshields to rear carrier stays and saddlebags to bracket 
1695100130Washer, leghields and rear carrier secruring screws 
1792602206Nut, legshields screws, rear carrier screws, and saddlebags screws 
1812450340Crashbar, R/H 
1912450440Crashbar, L/H 
2012465410Seat, single 
2112464340Handgrip, for rasing motorcycle on stand 
2255445800Grommet, handgrip 
2312466540Rear carrier 
2412482540Saddlebag, R/H 
2512483840Saddlebag, L/H 
2612483440Rod, saddlebag locking 
2712485040Bracket, saddlebag support 
2898054522Screw, support to frame 
2995100311Washer, support to frame screws 
3092602210Nut, support to frame screws 
3195021106Washer, saddlebags to support screws 
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