Parts for Gear Box Shafts Controls
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1012250900Pedal, gearshift 
1155251000Rubber, gearshift pedal 
1298106022Screw, gearshift pedal securing 
1312251100Shaft, c/w lever 
1495500222Cotter pin, gearshift control rod 
1595129110Washer, gearshift control rod pins 
1695780265Pins, gearshift control rod 
1711251900Nut, adjusting, on rod 
1895740171Fork, on gearshift rod 
1912257900Rod, gearshift 
2012257800Rod, c/w fork 
2198106021Screw, gearshift to crankcase 
2212258200Lever, gearshift operating 
2312236800Starter pin 
2455238200Spring, starter pin return 
2512238500Camplate, gear control 
2612234400Drum, gear selector 
2755236400Body, inner, selector 
2855237900Plunger, selector 
2926267200Pawl, selector plunger 
3094321049Spring, selector plunger 
3112234300Rod, selector drum 
3295100222Washer, adjusting 
3312202000Oil pick up plate 
3412232400Shaft, fork 
3512230500Fork, gear selector 
3612210500Main shaft, gear box 
3790118245Washer, thrust 
3993601022Lock ring, layshaft gear 
4095028022Tab washer, lockring 
4212214300Washer, adjusting, layshaft 
4312214000Gear, 1st speed, c/w bushing 
4491122720Bushing, 1st speed gear 
4590271027Circlip, gear retaining on shaft 
4612230700Sleeve, sliding, 1st and 2nd speed 
4712214400Gear, 2nd speed, cw bushing 
4891122716Bushing, 2nd and 3rd speed gear 
4912214700Gear, 3rd speed gear, with bush 
5012231500Sleeve, sliding, 3rd and 4th speed 
5112215100Gear, 4th speed 
5212215300Floating bush, 4th speed gear 
5312210700Shaft, clutch 
5490271023Circlip, inner clutch body retaining 
5512081800Inner body, clutch 
5612211700Semi collar, cush drive plate 
5712211600Plate, cush spring 
5812211500Spring, cush drive 
5912211200Sliding muff 
6012211100Driving gear, clutch shalt to mainshaft 
  Changes and Additions 
1298052325Screw, gear shift lever securing 
3255235000Shim, 0.6mm 
3255235001Shim, 0.8mm 
3255235002Shim, 1mm 
3255235003Shim, 1.2mm 
5713211600Plate, cush drive 
5813211500Spring, cush drive 
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