Parts for Speedometer Rev Counter Warning Lights Connecting Cables
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
1013501500Instrument panel 
1113502200Rubber block, instrument panel 
1292750062Nut, rubber block securing 
1395100130Washer, rubber block 
1492781061Nut, panel securing 
1513761521Speedometer head 
1690706746Gasket, speedometer 
1712760400Cable, speedometer 
1812762500Speedo drive, complete 
1912763300Ferrule, speedo drive 
2012766100Gear, speedo drive 
2113767200Rev-counter, electronic 
2210744900Neutral indicator light, amber 
2310744902Indicator, generator and oil pressure, red 
2413744920Indicator, parking light, red 
2513761000Cable, red and amber indicator lights connection 
2613761100Cable, neutral indicator to main cable 
2713761200Cable, indicator F and main cable 
2813761300Cable, indicator D and main cable 
2913761400Cable, two-core, instruments illumination 
3013767300Cable, ground, rev-counter 
3198024310Screw, grounding 
3213767700Cable, connecting, rev counter to contact breaker and rev-counter to coil 
3313764900Plate, speedometer 
3413767800Plate, rev-counter 
3512761620Speedometer, single instrument panel 
3612501500Panel, speedometer housing 
3798620325Screw, short, panel securing 
3898620330Screw, long, panel securing 
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