Parts for Distributor
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
--12715400Distributor S 123 A. complete 
112745410Housing with bushings 
212715411Bakelite washer 
312715412Flat washer 
412715413Automatic advance assembly 
612715415Shim (0.1 mm.) 
612715416Shim (0.2 mm.) 
612715417Shim (0.5 mm.) 
712715418Driving pinion 
812715419Pinion securing peg 
912715420Contact breaker unit, complete 
1012715421Condensor CE 29 D 
1112730760Spring washer 
1212715423Condensor fixing screw 
1312715424Cap securing spring 
1412715425Cap spring fixing screw 
1512715426Terminal bolt 
1612715427Insulating plate 
1712715428Insulating block 
1812715429Flat washer 
1912730723Spring washer 
2012715430Terminal nut 
2112715431Distributor rotor 
2212715432Distributor cap 
2312715433Carbon brush 
2512715436Advance weight 
2612715437Ball retaining spring 
2712715438Ball retaining spring 
2912715440Cam retaining screw 
3012715441Cam felt pad 
3112715442Weight spring, 8 coils 
3112715443Weight spring, 9 coils 
3212715444Plate complete with pin 
3312715445Contact breaker set 
3412715446Fixed point plate screw 
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