Parts for Frame Carbon Filter
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
189000397Fuel tank 
 03100255Fuel tank white 
 03100253Fuel tank, grey 
 03100254Fuel tank orange 
 89000391Fuel tank, black 
 89000396Fuel tank, black 
 03100220Fuel tank blank 
203103920Tank cap 
329108550Hose clip 11,5x6 
429104985Oil breather valve 
500823956060pipe SAEJ30R76X121/4"" 
600823956050pipe SAE30 R73/16"" 
700823956080Rubber pipe 12,5X7,8 5/16"" 
861108500Hose clamp D9 
9291066603-way union 
1001116031Carbon filter 
1103736820Lock kit 
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