Parts for Frame Steering
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
105493130Fork upper plate 
205494030Stem base 
3AP8123643Return ring nut 
4AP8121207Steering security plate 
5AP8123642Ring nut 
6AP8123644Dust cover ring 
7AP8123641Dust cover ring 
8AP8110077Axial ball bearing 
9AP8121205Upper plate fixing bush 
10AP8152384Stem plug washer 
1198682430Hex socket screw M8x30 
1298682425Hex socket screw M8x25 
1305658431Brake hose fixing plate 
14AP8152298Screw w/ flange M5x16 
15AP8221036Bushing 5,3x8x7,1 
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