Parts for Frame Rear Master Cylinder
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
105666930Rear master cylinder 
2AP8113594Rear brake pump union 
3AP8113288Rubber bellows 
4AP8152279Screw w/ flange M6x20 
5AP8101595Hose clamp D10,1* 
600823950050Oil pipe 
705663530Brake oil tank complete 
817661052Tank cap 
905666030Tank support 
10AP8152329Phillips screw, SWP M5x20 
11AP8221145T bush * 
12AP8152278Screw w/ flange M6x16 
13AP8120178O-ring OR112 
14977041Master cylinder rod 
17AP8201301Gear selector fork clips 
1805677030Rear brake lever 
19AP8121221Brake lever pin 
20AP8120912Lever rubber 
2198682316Hex socket screw M6x16 
22AP8150462Circlip d9 
23AP8121927Rear brake lever spring 
24884033Rear brake lever pin 
25AP8144007O-ring 11,11x1,78 
2695008310Washer 10,5x22x2,5 
27AP8112996clutch switch 
28AP8102151Black hose D12* 
2998350210Hex socket screw 
30AP8152273Screw w/ flange 
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