Parts for Engine Cylinder Head
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
114023560Valve cover, blank 
 37023505Valve cover, grey 
210032700Washer 15,2x26x0,5 
314023760Cover gasket 
498622325Hex socket screw 
528022145RH cylinder head, blank 
 28022146RH cylinder head, grey 
 28022147RH cylinder head, grey 
628022245LH cylinder head, blank 
 28022246LH cylinder head, grey 
 28022247LH cylinder head, grey 
713036801Exhaust valve guide 
890353016Snap ring 
1028060245RH cylinder assy., blank 
 28060148Cylinder assy., grey 
1290706094O-ring 9x2 
1312022600Oil plug 
1490706203O-ring 20,24X2,62 
1513021900Column nut 
1695129180Washer 10,5X18X0,8 
1712021800Stud bolt 
1812021700Stud bolt 
1914018400Washer 10,5X21X1 
2092603010Nut M10X1,5 
2129036050Intake valve 
2229036150Exhaust valve 
2313037200Washer 14,2x31x1 
2414037300Washer 14,2x31x0,3 
2513037000Lower cup 
2613037400Outer spring 
2713037600Inner spring 
2814038000Upper cup 
2912038100Valve half-cone 
3014030200RH rocker arm assy 
3114030400LH rocker arm assy 
3291111511Bushing 15x18x43 
3317034050Adjuster screw 
3690118152Washer 15,2x26x1 
3712031800Rocker shaft 
3898054316Hex screw 
3995120065Washer 6,5x11x2 
4014034865Rocker arm support 
4196508042Stud bolt 
4228060145LH cylinder assy., blank 
 28060148Cylinder assy., grey 
4395004206Washer 6,15x11x0,8 
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