Parts for Engine Gearbox Ii
PosPart NumberDescriptionVariants
114210540Primary gear shaft Z=22-24-20-17 
 14210541Primary gear shaft Z24-22-19C-16C 
214212040Gear 5a AP Z=25 
314211140Gear rinvio Z=16 
 14211141Gear rinvio Z=17 
414215240Gear 5a AS Z=19 
514215140Gear 4a AS Z=20 
614214840Gear 3a AS Z=22 
714214540Gear 2a AS Z=24 
 14214541Gear 2a AS Z=24C 
814214240Gear 1a AS Z=26 
 14214241Gear 1a AS Z=26C 
914210041Primary gear shaft 
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